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I own a home staging business, so Tara and I have worked together. She understands the importance and value of online presence when listing a home for sale. Tara is knowledgeable in the Real Estate field & together we came up with a furniture and accessory plan to make the home beautiful.

Ponte Vedra Staging Co.

We all know it's important to choose a real estate agent with local expertise to guide you through the process of buying/selling a home. Tara's marketing abilities to include but not limited to planning, development, and execution of buying/selling your home, will exceed your expectations. Tara works hard and for you - by using various social media platforms in order to create high quality, targeted campaigns Increasing buyers/sellers awareness, interest - leading to quick potential sales.....although I'm not in the market as of yet, I see her in action!  

Tara's professionalism, dedication, responsiveness no matter if you're local or cross country, will make for a very positive experience.  I wold highly recommend her as your next Licensed Real Estate

M. T.